Young People's Activities

Young People's Activities



Graffiti Art

Swinton Lock sees people from all walks of life through its doors. However, during the day it's primary focus is offering a re-engagement programme to children and young people aged 6 - 16 who are struggling to achieve or have been excluded from mainstream education for a variety of reasons.


A wide-ranging and diverse programme of activities has been devised offering alternative education programmes. At present the centre is working with 84 children and has an attendance rate of 97%, of those 84 children 31 have a disability.


The young people can choose from a variety of activities including:

  • Art & Crafts
  • Spray can Art
  • Multi Media
  • Construction
  • Fishing
  • Boat Handling
  • and more.


They take pride in the work they produce, some being inspired to pursue careers in these areas after leaving school.




Activity Snapshots

And here's what some of our Young People think...

Swinton Lock helps me because its calm and I can do things at my own pace. I don't get stressed out as much. Mandy - 14 years


Swinton Lock has helped me to learn how to work with others and given me something good to do in life. Jacob - 16 years


I love it at Swinton Lock, it's cool because people treat me with respect. Ryan - 16 years


Better than school because its chilled out. Lunch isn't that bad either! Keaton - aged 14 years


Swinton Lock is better than school and everyone is patient. Matthew - 15 years


I get along with people at Swinton Lock more than at school where I don't have any friends. Sam - 15 years

Being at Swinton Lock helps me to concentrate better because for 1 day a week it gives me something different to do. Joe - 16 years


Swinton Lock is better than school and everyone is patient. Matthew - 15 years


I get along with people at Swinton Lock; at school I don't have any friends. Sam - 15 years


Swinton Lock has lots of different activities to do, its makes me use my creative side and learn new things. Sheridan - 14 years


Swinton Lock is better because of its different environment and because you meet people. It will also help you in later life. Cole 16 years


Swinton Lock is better because its relaxed and smaller than school. I meet new people who are like me Corie - 15 years

What School Have To Say About Us

Wickersley School has used the provision at Swinton Lock for a large number of years. This has helped many of our most disaffected students to re-engage with some form of learning and has taught some of them vital life skills.


One young person, who has Autism, was able to go fishing and found that this, half way through the week, was enough respite for him to continue with his academic education on the other days. Another young person found spray can art extremely fulfilling and was able to express himself through his art work.


The setting is friendly and caring and the young people feel more relaxed away from the confines and restrictions of conventional schooling.

Wickersley School

I find the support that Swinton Lock offers our most disaffected students invaluable. **** has always found accessing school difficult yet has managed to sustain full days at Swinton Lock due to the support of the colleagues. **** speaks highly of the staff and has said how much he 'enjoys' his time there. His mum also feels that Swinton Lock has been very beneficial in helping him build essential social skills.


Furthermore, ***** also attends the centre and has also found the experience very enjoyable. *****, similar to ****, has always struggled to engage in school sessions. As Head of Year, I feel it is good that these students are provided with such a positive experience and something that they can be praised for. Thank you very much for all that you do.

Wales High School


Swinton Lock has been a benefit for two of our studentrs in particular. One Y11 boy was off-sited from school in Y7 and Swinton Lock is the only provision where he has consistently achieved. Another Y10 student is a a school refuser but has engaged really well with your service. A Y11 leaver from last year wanted to stay on after his leaving date as he felt so secure. You allowed him to do it for a few weeks to allow him to get used to the idea of not coming any more.


Thank you for being there for our students.

St. Bernards Catholic High School

Swinton Lock have provided some of the most challenging and disaffected students with positive educational activities. Students who have attended have done so regularly when other provision has not been able to engage them in learning and reported that they have really enjoed their experiences too. The activitiies that have been provided have improved the motivation of some students and given them a focus. Witout access to this provision provided at the centre some of the students who have been would have refused to attend their educational provision.

Wales High School

As a service we have found Swinton Lock to provide our learners with a caring and nurturing environment. They learn new skills, produce art and craft work which they are proud to talk about, and bring in to the centre to show. In this way, learners are gaining self confidence and feel valued.

Bassetlaw High School



Painting & Drawing Class


Following a very successful trial in 2016 Swinton Lock Activity Centre is pleased to advise that we have been able to extend the 7 week taster course for adults wishing to learn how to paint & draw


Due to the positive feedback received from those students attending we are now running this as a term time class on Tuesday mornings 9.30am to 12.30pm (fees applicable)


If you would like to learn how to paint & draw with direction from a qualified tutor please contact to register your interest. or

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