I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who are new to or unfamiliar with our service; My name is Nicola Rush & i am the manager of young peoples provisions at Swinton Lock.


If you have any questions at any point or wish to make a referral please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email


01709 578 778

Thank you for your time






Swinton Lock Activity Centre is a charitable organisation commited to providing positive and creative alternative learning programmes and activities for Adults, Children and Young People from the boroughs of Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and Nottinghamshire.


Located on the canal side in the heart of Swinton our accesible location and unique learning facilities allow our service users to develop their creative skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.


We have a dedicated team of professional tutors all of which are specialists in their own field and are committed to delivering high quality learning programmes and projects.



Creative Projects for Schools and Other Organisations


Here at Swinton Lock we have the ideal location to offer creativee and envirionmental based project work. If you have any special requirements we have a large gallery space for group activities and access to a whise range of creative delivery tutors, environetal and water safety specialists and a canal boat for on the water environment projects and trips.


Re engagement Programme


Our re engagement programme for young people has been successfully delivering alternative forms of learning for a number of years with over 70 children and young people taking part n our learning opportunities on a weekly basis.


Many young people on our programme have been referred to us via schools, pupil referral units and alternative education providers many of which have become disengages and face barriers towards learning.


All our activities offer creative and pratical learning opportunities for young people and promote teamwork, creative expression and confidence building. For variety we offer some classes which are specially based. For more information please contact Nicola Rush.



How The Programme Works


Our re engagement programme has been carefully created to meet the needs of young people whom face barriers towards learning. Many of which are excluded from school, at risk of exclusion, on a part timetimetable or need support in their personaland social development to access mainstream education.


All students reffered onto the programme are invited to visit our facilities prior to starting on the programme to meet our tutors and look at the activity programme in order to ensure they feel comfortable and happy with the proprosals and have been placed in the appropriate activity sessions.


An initial visit can be booked at any time and where possible take place between 9:00am - 10:00am or 2:00pm - 3:00pm so to not only disrupt the current activity but give the young person attending for the initial visit the time to settle in annd ask any question they may have.


Our re engagement programme runs throughout the term time from Monday to Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm. This is a daily session however we are more than happy to accept young people onto the program for a half day of provisions if needed which would either run from 10:00am to 12:00pm or 12:00pm to 2:00pm.


When referring a young person onto the programme our staff will work with the professional making the referral to set up the young person's individual learning plan that is based on their needs. Taking into accountthe number of days requested and the anticipated time they will spend with us.


Some of the young people taking ppart in our re engagement programme attend our provision for 1 full day per week whilst others attend for up to 3 full days of provisions. We also have young people on the programmes who have been accessing activity sessions for over a year whilst for others this may be a short term measure

Programme details Cost and Cancellations


The current cost for a place on our activity programme are £55 for a full day session and £35 for a half day session.This cost includes tuition, materials and resources, student lunches and any additional suport needed. Invoices to cover the cost of a students place will be sent to the organisation making the referral on a half termly basis unless an alternatie arrangement has been made.


Transportation: Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to transport students to their session in a morning however we do have a mini bus service to take our young people home (depending on locality). This service is charged at £2 per student per session and will be added to the invoice upon request.


Cancelation Policy: A students placement on the programme can be cancelled at any point by the professional and can be done via email. In line with our poliios and procedure we request 2 weeks notice to cancel a place. this norice period will commence from the date at which the place was cancelled and after this point no further charges will be made.


(please note that if you require copies of any of our policies and precedures please do not hesitate to contact us at any time)


Our commitment to service users


we are commited to working and supporting the needs of not only all the young people who access our provisions but also the schools and organisations that refer young people onto our programme. We strive to maintain positive and professional relationships with our referrers and value your feedback and support.


Commitments to our young people:

  • A relaxed and friendly approach.
  • Activity sessions delivered in small groups.
  • Young people kept informed of any changes at all times
  • All students encouraages and supported throughout their activity sessionseach having an individual portfolio to record their work and acheivements.
  • Flexibility and adaptability if something is not working we will work together to change it.
  • Voice and influence: we encourage all young people to help share our services.
  • Additional support:All young people have the means to access appropriate informal support sessions delivered in partnership with our supportive agencies covering issues such as drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health and arson etc.
  • We host a resident fire service community safety officer who will offer advie and guidance to young people around fire safety and water safety.


(For more informaton about the structure and content of these sessions for the new academic year september 2014 please contact our service)


With a successful grant now in place to help support our young people further we will be recruiting a small team of youth support workers who will be working with our young people from September on the Programme.


Commitments to organisations making a referral


  • A professional and multi-agency approach.
  • Information and updates in relation to relevant changes to the programme etc.
  • All activities/ Facilities and materials carry comprehensive risk assesments. (these are available to all upon request)
  • All staff team and sessional tutors carry full DBS checks.
  • Contact and immediate response in relation to any risks or concerns relating to a young person (provided with a full incident report etc)
  • Up to date information provided on the development and acheivements of all young people (we are more than happy to assist in the completion of any paperwork you may have we also carry out our own assessments and progress reports of all our young peopleand will be more than happy to supply you with this information at any point.)
  • Registration of attendance. All students attendance is registered at the start of each session and we have arrangements with several schools/service users to provide them with attendance details on a daily basis.S
  • CIN, PEP/Professionals meeting etc for young people as part of our suppoer service. we are more than happy to attend meetings for our young people. In the event of this not being possible we will always provide a written report upon request.


Our policies and procedures

All young people taking part in our provisions as part of their individual learning plan have their own personal risk assessment which is completed by a member of our staff team. Eaach risk identifed is recorded with the relevant assessment reviewed every 6 months or with immediate effect in the cause of an increased riskbeing identified.


Each of these risks are linked into our policies and procedures making all staff and organisations aware of the plans we have in place to protect and safeguard our youg people. Such indicators include: Going off site unaccompanied, carrying weapons, missing from home, drug and alcohol misuse etc.


If you need further information regarding any of our commitments listed or require full copies of any policies we will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need.


Painting & Drawing Class


Following a very successful trial in 2016 Swinton Lock Activity Centre is pleased to advise that we have been able to extend the 7 week taster course for adults wishing to learn how to paint & draw


Due to the positive feedback received from those students attending we are now running this as a term time class on Tuesday mornings 9.30am to 12.30pm (fees applicable)


If you would like to learn how to paint & draw with direction from a qualified tutor please contact to register your interest. or

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